Heavy metals, also called metallic trace elements, are raw materials naturally present in ecosystem that are use in several industries (metallurgy, chemistry, paper shop, tannery, photography…). Mercury, zinc or copper are heavy metals. Lot of industries place their factory in border of watercourses in order to benefit from hydro-power energy in one hand and from the cooling possibility that such a proximity gives to their plants.


Heavy metals are bio-persistent; they pollute the ecosystem and having toxic biological effects. Metals pollution is well known in recent history: Minamata illness between 1932 and 1968, red mud stream at Cap Corse between 1972 and 1976. Once in water, heavy metals can be found in fish and crustaceans, signaling their entrance into food chain. 15 to 18 billion m² freshwater are contaminated each year due to fossil fuels production.

We propose, thanks to H2E, our Hydro Extracted Energy technology, to concentrate into a low volume the polluted water delivered from polluting plant instead of delivering it to the environment at a very low cost and to benefit in parallel of the advantages of our technology to generate real benefits.