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Exclusively High Level Expertise in all Aspects of Nuclear Science and Technologies

Nuclear Expertise and Consultancy by Scientechnix

The Ukrainian war in one hand and the recent decision considering the nuclear energy as a non polluting on the other hand propelled the nuclear energy to a central position.

The Nuclear Technology today: A Sound or a Catastrophic Investment for the Future?

Scientechnix has the highest level of consultancies and expertise in all fields of Nuclear Science and Technologies. It acts as a company  entirely independent from commercial firms. Its recommendations will avoid serious strategic errors. This is especially true for countries willing to implement industrial installations using Nuclear Technologies.
In all cases, our expertise is becoming essential because of  the present evolution of the international situation..

Having spent a whole life in the field of Nuclear Physics and Technology, Professor Doctor Alain ELAYI has worked and published many books and articles in this field (See List of Publications).

We would like to present, as an example, his following publication:

Investment: Scientechnix highlights Elayi’s 1990 Document that Worthed Billions of DollarsClick here

Scientechnix, at the forefront of scientific research and innovation, underscores the billion-dollar implications of nuclear physicist Alain Elayi’s 1990 article, « Plutonium and Reactor Transmutation. »

This pivotal work has profound ramifications for investments in the nuclear sector, particularly concerning nuclear transmutation.

He has also particularly worked in:

1. Nuclear Physics

2. Nuclear Technology

Professor Doctor Alain ELAYI has acquired an outstanding knowledge in all aspects of Nuclear Science and Technologies that allows him to provide a precise and relevant expertise in this field.

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List of Publications of Professor Doctor Alain ELAYI