Inscription Bulletin for a "100 Green Zones for an Eco-Future" irrigated by a Net Zero, Affordable Desalinated Water and its Associated Industrial Low-Cost Energy

The Impact of Innovation and Sustainability on Water, Food, and Immigration


Following the success of the May 14, 2024, first session of the Webinar 1, Professor Dr Alain Elayi, on behalf of Scientechnix, invites stakeholders including institutional organizations, policymakers, investors, NGO, entrepreneurs, and those who need a Green Zone to join us to discuss, in the frame of a Net Zero Economy Goal, the international proposal for « 100 Green Zones for an Eco-Future ».

An Event by Scientechnix in the Frame of a Net Zero Economy Goal

Online Webinar 2, taking place on June 17, 2024, at 2 PM, (GMT+2)


  • Because the world strives to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050 and to limit global warming to 1.5°C.
  • Because it equally strives unsuccessfully since over 20 years to comply with UN resolutions to meet fundamental human needs such as the access to food and water.
  • Because it is estimated that, to feed a growing world population, agricultural production will have to increase 60% by 2050. This increase must be achieved despite climate and environmental challenges.
  • Because new projects must comply with a sustainable, net Zero, and affordable program.

We propose to launch a first project consisting of 100 Green Zones.The aim is to shed light on how integrating affordable non-polluting desalination technologies can help to achieve a Net Zero future, ensuring clean sustainable water sources for all, including Agriculture and Global Food Security, while, in parallel, clean energy production can achieve substantial cost reduction for the associated industrial technologies.

Three desalination possibilities will be proposed for these Green Zones of 10 000 cubic meters of desalinated water each. These installations would achieve climate goals, and social development, and generate local and international industrial activities, while the cost is negligeable on the scale of the international budgets devoted to climate actions.

For more information, see the Short Summary and the Report of the May 14, 2024 Webinar on the menu.

Objective of the Webinar of June 17, 2024, 2 PM CET (GMT+1).

 It will be devoted to the examination and discussion of the proposals of the first session, considering local specificities, and it will also give the complementary clarifications for all the stakeholders to facilitate the acquisition of a Green Zone.

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