About us :

About Scientechnix-your partner for applying today your Net Zero Goal.


Scientechnix is a company with two main activities: fundamental and applied R&D on the one hand, and industrial applications on the other hand.        All the activities of Scientechnix are in the frame of Zero Pollution, also called Clean Tech, as required by Net Zero 2050.

It works as a provider of desalinated water, heat, and cold in this frame.

Scientechnix: Pioneers in Cutting-Edge Research in Nuclear Technology and Desalination

Established in 1990 by Dr. Alain ELAYI, the founder of Scientechnix holds one of the world’s rarest diplomas, the Doctorate of Science, which grants him the title of Professor.

Scientechnix is dedicated to developing research tools of the highest quality for its own projects. Its expertise can be seen in the Development of an Expert System for the analysis of gamma-ray and electron spectra. This 20,000 lines program, developed in the 90s, was ahead of its time and greatly improved upon the limitations of industrial software.

Scientechnix softwares and expertises actions have been implanted in nuclear power plants in France and Belgium

Another example of its expertise is the development of a gamma camera for the diagnosis and functional exploration of the brain. These cutting-edge technologies have made Scientechnix a sought-after company in the nuclear industry, as it provides expert analysis and services.


With a focus on innovation and excellence, it is no surprising that Scientechnix has established itself as a leader in the field of research technology.


Scientechnix has the highest level of nuclear consultancies

It is independent from commercial firms. This is especially important for countries willing to implement desalination using Nuclear Technologies. In the present complicated international situation, our expertise is becoming essential : we clarify your choices when necessary, and provide you with the pertinent answers.

Scientechnix, the game changer in desalination, the cold and heat provider with affordable Zero Pollution in the frame of Net Zero 2050 Goal

All our proposals , including desalination, heat and cold production, are in coherence with the recommendations of the 2023 « Net Zero Roadmap » report by the International Energy Agency and the World Bank’s « Recipe for a Livable Planet » report. They recommend among others the following:

  • The Net Zero emissions transition must be secure and affordable.
  • Nearly 5 Gt CO2 (billion tons of CO2) would have to be removed from the atmosphere every year during the second half of this century.  

Our technologies are secure, affordable, and remove, directly or indirectly, CO2 from the atmosphere.

 Our All-in-one MUDT tool has multitasking capabilities making it an ideal solution, adaptable to local requirements and capable of reducing desalination costs, and producing Zero Pollution. MUDT also leverages the circular economy, utilizing heat rejected by power plants to further reduce costs.

Our technology uses the latest and most sophisticated equipment, instruments, and tools, including automatic process control and Artificial Intelligence, and we have collaborated with top international companies to design our future equipment. Our company has also developed software that generates plant characteristics in just a few days, streamlining the entire desalination process.

Make the switch to MUDT for a more efficient and effective solution to water desalination.