Desalination for Agriculture Finally Possible

This PR delves into the problems of modern agriculture, focusing on grain production, and on desalination, finally affordable as a solution to irrigation

PARIS, FRANCE, December 14, 2023


Cereal agriculture, essential to our food, faces a major challenge: water management. However, agriculture is the backbone of human civilization, providing the essential food needed for our survival. This article delves into the complexities of modern agriculture, focusing on grain production, the challenges of food distribution, and the desalination finally available as a solution to water scarcity.Ajoutez votre titre ici

1. The Vital Importance of Agriculture to Mankind

Agriculture is not just about food production; it also shapes our societies, economies, and environments. It is crucial not only for food security but also for job creation, economic development, and sustainable management of natural resources.

2. The Top 10 Most Cultivated Grains: Water and Energy Costs titre ici

Grains are at the heart of global agriculture. A table showing the top 10 types of grains, their water consumption, and cost is displayed in Info-Box 1.

3. Sufficient Food Production in Theory, but Famine in Reality

Although global grain production is theoretically sufficient to meet basic food needs, the reality is different. Famine persists in many parts of the world, mainly due to the unequal distribution of food resources, conflicts, poverty, and climate change.

4. Famine due to the Inability to produce Food and Water locally

Famine is often exacerbated by the inability to produce enough food and water in regions where needs are most acute. Logistical challenges, inadequate infrastructure, and unfavorable climatic conditions contribute to this inability.

5. The new Paradigm of Scientechnix: Desalination at a Cost acceptable for Agriculture and in a sustainable Way

Scientechnix, a research and development company, offers a technology that aligns with the urgent global mandate for international net-zero pollution strategies. This technology not only promises to revolutionize desalination but also comes with comprehensive assurances in water desalination for agriculture.
Info-Box 1. The price of desalinated water exceeds the price of the crop produced and is unacceptable even if divided by a factor 2. Scientechnix breakthrough makes desalination cost acceptable for irrigation.

MUDT Advantages : Anywhere, Any quantity, No pollution, Low water production cost even for agriculture use.


Global agriculture faces complex challenges. While grain production is sufficient in theory, the reality of famine highlights the challenges of distribution and access to water. Scientechnix breakthrough in desalination offers the technological and economic advancements needed to make it viable on a large scale for agriculture. By solving these global challenges, Scientechnix proposes to make integrated approach, combining technological innovation, enlightened policies, and international cooperation to solve agriculture water needs in particular through desalination, anywhere and in any quantity.