MUDT is a Generation Ahead of its Competitors in Desalination

The MUDT solution has solved a technological challenge that had persisted for over a century in just two years. As a result, this  unprecedented breakthrough delivers  for the first time desalination without pollution at an affordable cost.

We provide the most polluting items: desalinated water, heat , and cold without pollution and at low price.


1. It opens New Markets Unreachable by other Desalination Technologies:

Desalination For agriculture, in relation to Global Food Security
– To conform with the UN 2010 and 2012 resolutions concerning Human rights to water and food.
– To recharge groundwater throughout the year in regions partially affected by drought. – etc.

As a Sustainable Solution to Water Scarcity, MUDT Provides a Response to the WATER-ENERGY-CLIMATE Interconnection Challenge.

2. MUDT Advantages : Anywhere, Any quantity, No pollution, Low water production cost even for agriculture use.

Multitasking Unconventional Desalination Technology (MUDT) is an innovative solution in the field of seawater desalination that has been patented in major industrial countries around the world. This technology, developed by Professor Doctor Alain ELAYI, offers many benefits that align with the international recommendations and priorities, especially those of the United Nations.

A. High-Quality Drinking and Industrial Water at an Affordable Price

MUDT provides a reliable and affordable source of high-quality drinking water and industrial water through its advanced desalination process. With the increasing need for water across the world, our solution meets a critical demand and is poised to make a positive impact in communities where water shortage is a concern.

B. Innovative Use of Wasted Heat

One of the key advantages of MUDT is its innovative use of wasted heat that is rejected into the environment by plants and electric power plants. This approach aligns perfectly with the current international focus on circular economy and sustainability. if we use the wasted heat, we are able to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

C. Low Cost per Cubic Meter of Desalinated Water

MUDT offers a lower cost per cubic meter of desalinated water compared to other technologies, making it accessible to many countries around the world. This is in line with the United Nations’ 2012 resolution on the human right to water, which emphasizes the importance of making clean water accessible to everyone.

D. Non-polluting

In addition to being affordable, MUDT is also an ecological and non-polluting solution. By using the wasted heat, we generate carbon credits, which means that we can produce water without contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. This positive impact on the environment reinforces MUDT’s commitment to sustainability.

E. Positive Impact on Water-Scarce Communities

Finally, MUDT provides a positive image to communities suffering from water scarcity. By providing valuable water that is produced in a non-polluting manner, MUDT promotes a sense of hope and positivity in communities where water shortage is a concern.

2. Main advantages for Investing in this technology

  1. It is a completely new and non-polluting method that possesses patents from the main industrial countries such as USA, China, India, European EPO, Australia, Japan.
  2. It concerns a huge market on the international level corresponding to huge needs (tens of millions of cubic meters for the next years).
  3. It has a huge circular economy possibility: 60 billion KWh of heat are thrown every day into the environment by thermal power plants, to quote only those.
  4.  It is less expensive than the other desalination techniques.
  5. It uses automation and Artificial Intelligence for optimization.
  6.  It has another main breakthrough application ready to be built: Brine Concentration.

    Scientechnix is a R&D company. It is neither a joint stock company nor listed on the stock       

3. Scientechnix and Professor Doctor Alain Elayi

The director of the company Scientechnix, Professor Doctor Alain Elayi, has a strong experience of over 40 years in the field of nuclear physics, having worked with the largest research centers such as CERN and CEA. He has also collaborated with renowned companies such as EDF and Electrabel, where he developed several expert systems for interventions in nuclear power plants. Sensitive to the increasingly complex problems of water scarcity in the world, Professor Alain Elayi used his scientific expertise to work on the development of a new seawater desalination method called MUDT.

 He fully funded his research and development, and set up with his team a 15-meter-tall tower to test the MUDT solution, and successfully conducted a series of tests that exceeded all expectations.

 His commitment to innovation and successful completion of complex projects provides a strong and reliable direction that has developed a revolutionary solution (water at low cost, non-polluting and promoting circular economy) that will be beneficial to investors, industries, and populations.

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