A new tool for the heat recovery to manage circular economy and climate change

A new invention, searched for during the last 150 years is available. It contributes to recovering billions of KWh of wasted heat rejected into the environment

PARIS, FRANCE, April 14, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Modern renewable heat consumption is expected to increase to 14% only by 2027, according to the (IEA). Being aware of the long term ahead for installing renewable technologies, what can we propose, as realistic actions, for effective short terms solutions? The figures are tremendous: the total final consumption of thermal heat for industrial purposes alone is approximately 58 terawatt hours (TWh), inducing about 28.74 billion tons of CO2.

The new tool, invented by Professor Dr. Alain Elayi and developed by the company Scientechnix, that has been searched for during over 150 years, is available today for extending the possibilities of the heat reuse. It is particularly interesting in situations where heat recovery is difficult to achieve or when we have low grade rejected heat. If handled properly, this new tool produces a huge economic impact. A case study in sea water desalination illustrates the new possibilities that this new tool offers by participating in solving the water crises.

This new desalination technology is called MUDT (Multitasking Unconventional Desalination Technology). It has been patented by the main industrial countries such as USA, China, India, European EPO, Australia, Japan… It is a part of the larger program of the wasted heat reuse. This is a link to the YouTube channel of MUDT:

About Professor Dr. Alain Elayi: Renowned Physicist, Prof. Dr. Alain Elayi worked with major institutes and nuclear companies such as EDF and Electrabel. He invented a method to recycle a part of the 70 billion KWh of heat rejected each day into the environment. He developed MUDT in order to use an ecofriendly and affordable desalination technology.
Personal website: http://alain-elayi.com

About Scientechnix: Created in 1990, Scientechnix is a research company devoted to industrial applications. All the company’s income was devoted to research, making it a non-profit organization in all but in its name until the invention of MUDT, its last achievement. https://scientechnix.com

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