Press release for our dessalination technology

1.1 The New Desalination Technology

A video of 1 minute presenting the new technology by the TV Channel MTV, Beirut, 2021/03/25

2. Press Release

2.1 Press Release Concerning the Desalination Technology

Published in particular by the National News Agency of Lebanon, 2021/04/21

A New Seawater Desalination Technology Accessible to All

The right to water for all men was recognized by the United Nations resolution of 28 July 2010. In coherence with this resolution, Professor Doctor Alain Elayi, known for his scientific publications in prestigious international journals, has invented a new technology to desalinate sea water, respectful of the environment and much cheaper than other existing technologies.
This new desalination technology has been recognized internationally through patents issued by major industrial countries such as the United States, China, India, Australia, Japan, etc.

One of the characteristics of this new technology is the use of lost energy, released into the air or into water by industrial installations such as power plants. The energy cost of desalination becomes negligible. This cost is the main handicap that prevents countries with limited resources from accessing water by desalination.
Given the dramatic lack of water on the Lebanese coast, especially in Beirut, the French Company Scientechnix concluded an agreement with the Lebanese University to build within the premises of the Faculty of Engineering in Tripoli, a prototype desalination unit based on the new technology invented by Professor Elayi.
Scientechnix regularly informed the officials of the Lebanese University of the progress of the desalination work. The quality of the sea water desalinated by this prototype has been validated by an accredited laboratory and certified much purer than natural water and water sold in bottles.